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Leather is durable, appealing, and always in fashion. Real Italian Leather, however, is even more special. It is superior in quality and lastsa lifetime. Made by local, Italian leather artisans, who are known as the best in the world, and in small, Italian workshops (in the most beautiful country in the world!). Real Italian leather is vegetable tanned, never chemically dyed. The process takes longer, but the resilience and first-rate quality are worth the effort. Plus, it leaves the leather water resistant. It withstands everyday wear and tear and most scratches can simply be wiped away. Yet, aging really only enhances its beauty. The most famous fashion icons use local, Italian artisans when creating their best looks, and NAKED ITALIAN BAGS® does so, too. Our handbags are made with real Italian leather and are handpicked according to the strictest standards. When you carry our real Italian leather bags, you feel extraordinary and as though you are living out your dreams.


Throughout history, until pockets came along, both men and women carried their money and belongings in primitive pouches and purses with drawstrings. Hand luggage of the nineteenth century was the precursor of the modern handbag. The evolution of twentieth century fashion, along with the advancement of women’s rights, inspired designers to create bags for a woman’s every situation, be it shopping, going to the office, or going out for the evening. And, credit Coca Chanel for straps. When she grew tired of carrying handbags in her arms, straps on soldiers’ bags inspired creative genius. In England, a “handbag” is an accessary that holds a woman’s personal items. In America, “purse,” “handbag,” and sometimes, “pocketbook,” are used mutually. Universally, all women mutually understand “bag”.


NAKED ITALIAN BAGS® serve your every need, from day to night, meet every occasion, and match your every outfit, as well as your every mood. They are roomy and have pockets and compartments that safely and discreetly carry your possessions. Yet, at the same time, they are lightweight, easy to carry, and come with adjustable straps. And, you will absolutely love the assortment of colors and textures from which you can choose. They come in colors such as blue, black, grey, caramel, burgundy, and brown, and in designs such as Python, Ostrich, and Quilted. Above all, you will love our affordable prices. And, right now, all real Italian leather handbags are for sale online with selected items 20% – 30% off.


Birkin Inspired Leather Handbag



The Birkin Bag, manufactured exclusively by Hermès, is well known for its exceptional design and exorbitant cost (ranging from $10,000 to $60,000. Hermès refuses to announcehow many Birkin style bags it produces each year as it restricts its inventory to theprivileged and celebrities. (Victoria Beckham is said to have a collection worth £1.5 million). Such control has kept the Birkin Bag one of the most coveted and unavailable extravagances. The Birkin Bags’ value increases in value by 14.2% on average by year, which actually makes it a better investment than stocks and gold.


English actress, singer, and songwriter Jane Birkin inspired the Birkin Bag. In the early 1980s, then Hermès chief executive, Jean-Louis Dumas was on an Air France Flight from Paris to London. As if it was destiny, Birkin was upgraded and assigned the seat beside Dumas. Birkin, who was often photographed carrying a whicker basket, recalled that her husband had run over her current basket with his car. When Birkin spilled the contents of her crushed basket, Dumas suggested she needed a bag with pockets.At the time, Birkin did not know who she was sitting beside and said, “The day Hermès make one with pockets I will have that.” Dumas then said, ““But I am Hermès and I will put pockets in for you.” The two then went on to discuss Birkin’s ideal bag and Dumas proceeded to design the bag for women with too much to carry. Birkin also recalled that Dumas drew the scheme on the “sick bag.”Hermès continues to give Birkin an annual royalty check for the handbag, which Birkin donates to charities.


NAKED ITALIAN BAGS® offers three Birkin Inspired Handbags, all with the signature spacious internal pockets and compartments: The Caramel Birkin Inspired Tote, the Ostrich Pattern Birkin Inspired Tote, and the Ostrich Pattern and Gray Suede Birkin Inspired Tote. Each Birkin Inspired Leather Handbag is made with real Italian leather by local, Italian leather artisans, and in small, Italian workshops, in the most beautiful country in the world. Quality and excellence are guaranteed.

The Caramel Birkin Inspired Tote, which is smooth in texture, reveals your sophistication and style and goes along with any situation.

The Ostrich Pattern Birkin Inspired Tote is textured and comes in cognac. Suitable for all occasions and flatters every look.


The Ostrich Pattern and Gray Suede Birkin Inspired Tote has a shiny look. It is nonetheless perfect for both casual and formal needs.

And, right now, all Birkin style bags are for sale at 20% off.